What is QRUsafe?

QRUsafe helps you answer the question with QR: are you safe?

How does QRUsafe work?

There are three parts to QRUsafe:

1. You take a PCR test and upload your result to QRUsafe

2. You show your QRUsafe QR code to someone

3. They scan your QRUsafe QR code and are shown your photo with a circle around it indicating whether you are safe or not.



A green circle with the label SAFE indicates that you have registered a negative COVID test result within the last 4 hours.


A yellow circle with the label RISK indicates that you have registered a negative PCR test result within the last 48 hours.


A red circle with the label RISK indicates that you have not registered a negative PCR test result within the last 48 hours.


A purple circle with the label SICK indicates that you have registered a positive COVID test result and have not registered a negative PCR test result since then.

What are the benefits of QRUsafe?

Key benefits of QRUsafe include:

1. You have an easy way to answer the question of are you safe, with visual 2FA

2. Encourages regular testing and updating of everyone’s safety status

3. Opens opportunities for safer travel, accommodation, retail and services

4. Provides a safer way for everyone to return to work with confidence that those entering the workplace have proof of current negative COVID test results

5. The QRUsafe coloured circle with label and profile photo make it easy to show and validate status without needing to disclose other personal information. Your name is shown and your photo, allowing people to see that you look like your photo and know your name. Nothing else needs to be disclosed to show your negative COVID test status.

6. Secure APIs enable QRUsafe to receive COVID test results from approved testing centres. Manual upload of COVID test results including scanned documents is also possible. Initial verification will be manual, with potential for future verification using AI for increased processing efficiency.

What does QRUsafe require?

1. The ability to get a COVID test result;

2. A way to update your QRUsafe.com profile; and

3. A way to show or print your QRUsafe QR code

Anyone with a smart phone or digital device with browser may access and use QRUsafe.com meaning that this system is available for use globally right now with no additional cost. As a progressive web app, there is no native app to install and no issues if your device is lost. Those without a device may simply carry a print out of their QRUsafe QR code created at a public library or other provider of Internet access and printing services. You could even wear your unique QRUsafe QR code on your T-shirt or clothing.

MOH Approval

Next steps include securing approval from the NZ Ministry of Health to provide this service and associated processes. Permitting importing and distribution of rapid testing kits as are available in Australia and other countries around the world is essential.

Meeting Demand for MIQ Spaces 

QRUsafe may increase the number of available MIQ rooms by reducing load on Government MIQ facilities through enabling other accommodation providers to host MIQ spaces. This is great news for the thousands of people stranded overseas awaiting MIQ rooms under the current system. 

Reignite Tourism

QRUsafe will make provision of travel, accommodation, experiences, events and services safer reigniting tourism.

Minimising Spread of Virus

QRUsafe will enable people to upload and display proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test and/or vaccine certificate. By facilitating logging of daily PCR tests, everyone may share proof of how they are minimising the spread of the virus.

Self-Isolation Away from Home

Data shows that COVID spread frequently occurs within homes between family members where one or more people already have COVID. QRUsafe provides a current record of PCR test status to guide family decision making about where people ought to stay when returning home.

Needed Care During Isolation

Recent events have proven the tragic consequences of risking isolation alone at home. QRUsafe technology partners may ensure real-time warning of needed care during self-isolation. Escalation to medical and emergency service professionals would be available as for existing MIQ facilities.

Keeping the Rules

QRUSafe will provide travellers with the incentive of being able to visit family and engage in tourism. Perhaps in future, this may be complemented by a bond system to deter rule breaking and cover costs of any enforcement needed for rule breakers.

Technology Interoperability

For those interested in technical interoperability, QRUsafe is a modern software application with APIs enabling secure integration with any third-party system. It is built using no-code enabling rapid development at low cost, with easy extension to cater to business and customer needs. QRUsafe will run on any mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Technology Equity

For those without a smart phone, one may simply carry a print out of your latest QRUsafe QR code and show this to anyone else who has the ability to scan it and view your current PCR test status coloured circle and photo. This provides an equitable option for those needing to use public libraries for Internet access and printing of their QRUsafe QR code. It further provides a hardcopy backup option for everyone who wishes to carry one.

Core Features

COVID Test Results

QRUsafe enables anyone to manually upload COVID test results. These may be independently verified to provide certification of authenticity.

More Features

Map of Locations of Interest

QRUsafe provides a map of locations of interest with ability to check off those not of interest and know which ones are new or nearby at a glance.

Accommodation Listings and Bookings

QRUsafe enables accommodation providers to list rooms and travellers to book places to stay. Integrated with Map.

Journey Planner

QRUsafe enables anyone to plan trips and record steps along with details and documentation. Steps include locations and enable easy linking through to the Map of Locations of Interest when seeking to be aware of risk hotspots.

Calendar, Messages, Chat

QRUsafe provides a calendar for viewing upcoming events and journey steps; messages to discuss bookings and events; chat to communicate in real time.

Online Shopping and Payments

QRUsafe provides an online shop for purchasing COVID test kits, PPE and related goods and services. Payment processing is also provided for bookings, events and test verification services.